Week-End at Raymond Gary Lake

We’ve had lots of fun over the years at Raymond Gary Lake. Don and I have feed the ducks and geese at Raymond Gary Lake. I’ve got photos of Philip, my son feeding the ducks and geese when he was a boy. I’ve got photos of his children, my grandchildren feeding the ducks and geese. Now it’s the fourth generations’ turn. We had a week-end with my granddaughter, Chassy and her husband Travis recently at Raymond Gary Lake. Their little one, Travis III, had a blast. No ducks or geese came but their time is coming.

Some places that we frequent during this life, become special to us. Raymond Gary Lake is one of those. It’s smaller and quieter than the big Corp of Engineer lakes. Did I say quieter?…. unless there’s a family reunion or other gathering at the park that decides to have live entertainment along with a speaker system to broadcast it. Then you may get old country western tunes performed by local talent. Not very often, but it does occur.


I have so many memories wrapped up in Raymond Gary Lake. The largest bass I ever caught was at Raymond Gary Lake. Family Cook-outs. Paddle boating with the smart phone playing, “I’m a Gummy Bear”.. LOL. Kids bouncing on the water bouncer. Grand Kids fishing.


The ladies of the family going for a walk. Monopoly games and domino games. A glass of wine while looking out over the beautiful view. Listening to the tree frogs and watching the squirrels play.




My Hot-Seat is at Raymond Gary Lake… that’s a seat on the boat where if you’re a grandchild (great grand children too when they get old enough) and Gram (That’s me) the truth must be told. When Gram says, “Let’s go to the Hot Seat”, the grand child and Gram have a truthful discussion. It’s just the two of them.

The Fourth Generation is coming along. We have two greats and a third one on the way. It’s time to add to the memory list of memories at Raymond Gary Lake.