Raymond Gary Lake is a NO-WAKE Lake!

Raymond Gary Lake is a NO-WAKE Lake!

Living at the lake, Raymond Gary Lake in S E Oklahoma is a little slower pace than life in other places – including the speed limit allowable on the water.

Raymond Gary is called a “no-wake” lake.  Your boat is not supposed to make a wake when it goes across the water.  Speed limit is 6 miles per hour.  It doesn’t matter what kind of motor or what kind of boat – don’t go faster than 6 mph.

There is often a discussion at the Lake Association Meetings on how to enforce the water speed limit.  The People that have chosen to buy property around Raymond Gary Lake have decidedly chosen the slower pace of living and they expect lake users to obey the law.

Raymond Gary is a spring fed lake meaning that the water stays just about the same level all of the time.  It has a wide spillway so water is always going over the spillway.  Regardless of heavy rains or droughts, there’s not much variance in levels.  If we have a really big rain upstream and the lake comes up, it’s usually back to normal levels with in 24 hours.

Drought has no affect on the lake level. The last couple of year when our larger lakes were so low that many boat ramps were out of the water and people could not put their boats in the lake, this was not the case at Raymond Gary.

Lake Raymond Gary is Southeast Oklahoma’s best kept secret!  Come on over and let us show it to you. We have information on the lake, several sale listings available, and can tell you where the best fihsing holes are!

For information about Lake Raymond Gary, please review the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservations rules and regulations concerning allowed activities on Department owned lakes.
These regulations can be found at http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/laws_regs/fish1415.pdf  or in the printed Oklahoma Fishing Guide booklet.


South Shore Acres Addition Raymond Gary Lake

Waterfront Property in South Shore Acres Addition Raymond Gary Lake, Fort Towson,  Hugo Oklahoma, Paris Texas

The South Shore Acres Addition is located in the Southwest area of Lake Raymond Gary and runs east along Spillway Road (so named on the plat).  Spillway Road has been included in the State Highway 209 addresses for a 911 address though.  So you may find South Shore Acres on either road depending upon which map you are looking at.  In fact, the last Google map that I looked at did not have a name for the road to South Shore Acres. 

South Shore Acres has large trees and varying slopes.  Most lots have a very gentle

slope at the waters edge.  South Shore Acres is across the channel from George Caldwell Addition and The Pauline Bailey Survey Addition. The black clay soil in South Shore Acres is mostly a Hollywood-Swink soil with Limestone outcroppings.  Hollywood-Swink is a high shrink/swell soil.  You will want to consider that when choosing home foundation types, etc.

South Shore Acres, being in the community of Lake Raymond Gary, is a “no wake” addition since Raymond Gary Lake, an Oklahoma Department of Wildlife lake, is a “no wake” lake through-out.  To ski, it’s a very short drive to Hugo Lake on the east side of Hugo, Oklahoma.

Even though Fort Towson only has a population of about 600 people , it’s only about a 15 minute drive to Hugo, Oklahoma for picking up the basics at the grocery store (Wal-Mart and Save-A-Lot)  or a little longer drive to Paris, Texas (Just about anything that you could be looking for).  Hugo has a population of about 5400 and Paris, Texas has a population of about 26,000.

City utilities include a pressurized sewer system, city water, and garbage collection.  Electrical service is supplied by either AEP-PSO, or by Choctaw Electric Co-op


Lee’s Kitchen is about 5 minutes away and The Corner Store about the same. Milner’s Hardware is about 10 minutes in Valliant, Oklahoma (74764).

Life in South Shore Acres is a little slower paced than a lot of places.  There is no home owners association in South Shore Acres.  There is a voluntary lake association at Lake Raymond Gary.  The Lake Association is involved in decorating the Raymond Gary State Park at Christmas time with lights in the trees along the shore.  A Decorated Boat Parade around the lake.  And in a fireworks display on the fourth of July. 

To get to South Shore Acres, take highway 109 on the west side of Fort Towson south for 1 1/2 miles which is the first intersection to the west.  Go west 3/4 of a mile and the lake is on your right.  Interested in living in South Shore Acres on Raymond Gary Lake?  Call me Judi Barrett, Broker – Integrity Real Estate Services, Idabel, OK 74745.


Lakeview Addition Raymond Gary Lake Community Fort Towson Hugo Oklahoma Paris Texas

Lakefront Water Front Lakeview Addition Raymond Gary Lake Community Fort Towson Hugo Oklahoma Paris Texas

The LakeView Addition on the west side of Lake Raymond Gary is one of the older and smaller additions on this Oklahoma Department of Wildlife lake.  The Oklahoma Department of

Raymond Gary Lake Shoreline

Wildlife manages 15 lakes within the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife stocks the lake with catfish from time to time and installs natural habitat (cedar tops) around the fish feeders.  Rules for use of Oklahoma Department of Wildlife lake in Oklahoma are posted online. Waterfowl Hunting is NOT is allowed at Raymond Gary Lake.

LakeView Addition has various styles and sizes of homes within it.  It is located on Spillway Road.  To get to LakeView Addition on Raymond Gary Lake, take main street south from highway 70 in Fort Towson, Oklahoma (74735) for 1 1/2 miles.  The road will make a 90 degree turn, take the turn.  If you go straight you will be in some of The Pauline Bailey Addition.  Spillway Road makes another 90 degree turn in about a 1/4 of a mile, to the left.  If you look to your left, you are looking at homes in the LakeView Addition of Raymond Gary Lake.

LakeView Addition is directly across the road
from undeveloped pasture land.  It is a quiet and peaceful area.  Some of the lots on the north end of LakeView Addition are the flatest lots in the addtion.  LakeView Addition has good shoreline with good fishing.  You can fish right from your yard, or build that boat dock or fishing pier that you’ve always wanted.   


There are a few things to keep in mind when building in LakeView Addition or anywhere else on Raymond Gary Lake. 

  • One is that the State of Oklahoma has flowage easement on Raymond Gary Lake up to the 410 elevation but the lake normallly is at the 401 elevation.  Building below the 410 elevation may cause your lender to require flood insurance.  Most home builders do not want to build below the 410 elevation.


LakeView Addition on the west side of Raymond Gary Lake is south of Noble Acres Addition and north of The George Caldwell Survey Addition
.  It is one of about a dozen additions on Lake Raymond Gary. 

If you think you’d like to live in Southeast Oklahoma and live on the water, call me, Judi Barrett, broker at Integrity Real Estate Services.  My office is in Idabel, Oklahoma but I work between Idabel and Hugo including the areas of:  Idabel, Millerton, Garvin, Valliant, Swink, Fort Towson, Raymond Gary Lake, Sawyer, and Hugo, Oklahoma.  580-212-5946.  I’m passionate about the area that I live and work in.  Want to know why…call me.