Raymond Gary Lake ~ A Unique Community to Live in~Fort Towson OK 74735

Raymond Gary Lake ~ A Unique Community to Live in~Fort Towson OK 74735

Living at Raymond Gary Lake is unlike living in any other community in Southeast Oklahoma.  It is the only community that is waterfront and has boat docks etc.  Schooler lake has waterfront homes but is much smaller than Raymond Gary Lake. Schooler lake does not have any public development such as a boat dock or public facilities.  Both lakes are managed by the Department of Wildlife.    

Schooler Lake only has 35 surface acres and 2 miles of shoreline.  Raymond Gary Lake is a little larger with 390 surface acres and 10 miles of shoreline according to the latest information that I’ve come across.  

Raymond Gary Lake was built in 1956 on Gates Creek.  It was named after Raymond Gary, the then governor of Oklahoma and the first Oklahoma governor to be born in Oklahoma.  Raymond Gary Lake was started earlier under a different name and was an unfinished project when Raymond Gary campaigned for governor of Oklahoma.  One of his campaign promises was to finish the lake and he did after getting elected.  It is my understanding that he would have some of his staff meetings on the Raymond Gary Lake dam after it’s completion.  

There are several subdivisions or additions around Raymond Gary Lake.  All of them put together are not as large as many additions or subdivisions in metropolitan areas.  One only has 14 lots and one has about 160.  

Living on Raymond Gary Lake means that you have deeded dockable shoreline.  The water stays the same level most of the time, completely full.  It never goes below the 401 elevation because it’s spring fed and has a wide spillway for the size of lake it is….water constantly flows over the spillway even in drought.  IF we get a big rain in the watershed which covers about 65 sq miles, the water level may come up but usually is back to normal in 24 to 48 hours.  Most of the docks on the lake are stationary docks with only two floating docks.  

The city of Fort Towson serves the residents around the lake, the lake is inside the city limits.  City of Fort Towson water, City of Fort Towson sewer.  The city of Fort Towson has contracted for the garbage collection.  The roads around the Raymond Gary Lake are paved roads.  Fort Towson cable makes cable tv available.  AT&T has high speed internet available.  

There are many different types of homes on Raymond Gary Lake.

Raymond Gary Park has an active lake association which  is strictly voluntary.  The fee is very very reasonable to join.  The Raymond Gary Lake Association is involved in putting on the fireworks event on Independece Day at the Raymond Gary State Park.  The Raymond Gary Lake Association is also involved in the Christmas celebration at the park.  

Living on Raymond Gary Lake is very much unlike living in any other community in Southeast Oklahoma and Integrity Real Estate Services KNOWS Raymond Gary Lake.  Call me about how you can live on the lake.  


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