Raymond Gary Lake is Clear Spring Water

Raymond Gary Lake  is a spring fed lake.  Many springs flow into this lake.  Water flows over the spillway all of the time due to the supply of spring water that is always flowing into Raymond Gary Lake. I’ve been told that these are some of the same springs that supply water for the town of Fort Towson.

The water is fairly clear water.  The lake doesn’t look that way because it has a black mud bottom that you are looking at.

Look at this picture shot today.  The lake was overfull… lots of runoff in it so it was more turbid than usual and YET look at how clear the water is that is over the boat dock.  Those boards are about 4 inches below the water’s surface.  Look at these two water surfaces.  One is in the lake and one is over the boards.  One looks murky and dark, one looks clear.  We have had tremendous amounts of rain the last few days.

The water today was just rising over the dock boards.

The water at Lake Raymond Gary usually stays the same level unless we have extreme rain fall which causes a rise.  BUT the wide spillway helps lower the water back to normal in short order.  Call me, Let’s talk about property around Lake Raymond Gary.


For information about Lake Raymond Gary, please review the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservations rules and regulations concerning allowed activities on Department owned lakes.


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