Raymond Gary Lake is the Place to Live on the Water

Raymond Gary Lake is the Place to Live on the Water

It always amazes me that people drive through Ft Towson, Ok on a daily basis and do not know that the town is nestled on the banks of  Raymond Gary Lake.

They will call me and ask why they can’t find waterfront property in S E Oklahoma and when I tell them about Raymond Gary Lake, where you can own the shoreline and catch record size bass, crappie, and catfish, they do not have a clue as to where it is.  Yet they will tell me that they drive between Hugo and Idabel weekly, sometimes daily.  They travel highway 70 which cuts across the northern tip of the lake, but the lake doesn’t look like much at that point….just the highway bridge and a train trestle.

But now if you want to know about the lake and how beautiful it is and how to live right there on the water in a lakehome even if you are in Southeast Oklahoma and Choctaw County, you must turn south on 209 at the eastern edge of Fort Towson.

There’s a big sign out there for Lake Raymond Gary State Park.  Turn there and you will see why I am passionate about Raymond Gary Lake

We usually have some excellent listings on the lake, vacant lots and homes of all sizes.

For information about Lake Raymond Gary, please review the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservations rules and regulations concerning allowed activities on Department owned lakes.


We would love to visit with you about our little gem near McCurtain County.  Just give us a call about Raymond Gary Lake.


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