Reasons to Own Real Estate at Raymond Gary Lake, Ft Towson, OK

Reasons to own real estate at  Raymond Gary Lake at Fort Towson, OK Oklahoma:

  1. It’s the people!  I’ve not met a group of people anywhere that are more “down to earth” friendly than the folks that live around the water on Lake Raymond Gary.  They have moved to the location from just about every state in the union and from all walks of life and occupations.
  2. It’s the quiet!  With a speed limit of 6 mph on the water, it’s a pretty peaceful lake.  Summertime is best with kids out of school, enjoying the water….but then fall is great with the vivid yellows of the hickorys and elms mixed with the evergreen cedars….but then spring is nice with the fish waking up and hungry….but then winter’s great, sit by the fire and watch the water or go fishing on warm days.
  3. It’s the Fishing!  Crappie, Bass, Catfish… no reason to go home with an empty stringer around here.
  4. It’s the beautiful scene!  Water, sun, hills and valleys, green cedars, oaks.
  5. It’s the Lake Association!  Membership dues are very very low and they do so much to promote the lake with the boat parade at Christmas, the fireworks on the 4 th of July, and donations for park improvement.
  6. It’s the water!  Lake Raymond Gary is a man-made spring fed lake that stays the same level most of the time.  Sometimes a storm will raise the water level somewhat but it usually goes back to normal level in short order.
  7. It’s the park!  Extra guests coming to town, cabins and rv spots are available for rent at the state park. The management at the park does an excellent job – it’s always so neat and tidy with excellent maintenance…a joy to go there.  All children seem to love the playground.  There are pavillions for rent for family reunions.
  8. You just can’t find a nicer place to live either full time or seasonal.
  9. About 45 minutes to Paris Texas.

Call me and let’s talk about Lake Raymond Gary in Choctaw County Southeast Oklahoma.

Judi Barrett


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