Week-End at Raymond Gary Lake

We’ve had lots of fun over the years at Raymond Gary Lake. Don and I have feed the ducks and geese at Raymond Gary Lake. I’ve got photos of Philip, my son feeding the ducks and geese when he was a boy. I’ve got photos of his children, my grandchildren feeding the ducks and geese. Now it’s the fourth generations’ turn. We had a week-end with my granddaughter, Chassy and her husband Travis recently at Raymond Gary Lake. Their little one, Travis III, had a blast. No ducks or geese came but their time is coming.

Some places that we frequent during this life, become special to us. Raymond Gary Lake is one of those. It’s smaller and quieter than the big Corp of Engineer lakes. Did I say quieter?…. unless there’s a family reunion or other gathering at the park that decides to have live entertainment along with a speaker system to broadcast it. Then you may get old country western tunes performed by local talent. Not very often, but it does occur.


I have so many memories wrapped up in Raymond Gary Lake. The largest bass I ever caught was at Raymond Gary Lake. Family Cook-outs. Paddle boating with the smart phone playing, “I’m a Gummy Bear”.. LOL. Kids bouncing on the water bouncer. Grand Kids fishing.


The ladies of the family going for a walk. Monopoly games and domino games. A glass of wine while looking out over the beautiful view. Listening to the tree frogs and watching the squirrels play.




My Hot-Seat is at Raymond Gary Lake… that’s a seat on the boat where if you’re a grandchild (great grand children too when they get old enough) and Gram (That’s me) the truth must be told. When Gram says, “Let’s go to the Hot Seat”, the grand child and Gram have a truthful discussion. It’s just the two of them.

The Fourth Generation is coming along. We have two greats and a third one on the way. It’s time to add to the memory list of memories at Raymond Gary Lake.

Raymond Gary Lake is the Place to Live on the Water

Raymond Gary Lake is the Place to Live on the Water

It always amazes me that people drive through Ft Towson, Ok on a daily basis and do not know that the town is nestled on the banks of  Raymond Gary Lake.

They will call me and ask why they can’t find waterfront property in S E Oklahoma and when I tell them about Raymond Gary Lake, where you can own the shoreline and catch record size bass, crappie, and catfish, they do not have a clue as to where it is.  Yet they will tell me that they drive between Hugo and Idabel weekly, sometimes daily.  They travel highway 70 which cuts across the northern tip of the lake, but the lake doesn’t look like much at that point….just the highway bridge and a train trestle.

But now if you want to know about the lake and how beautiful it is and how to live right there on the water in a lakehome even if you are in Southeast Oklahoma and Choctaw County, you must turn south on 209 at the eastern edge of Fort Towson.

There’s a big sign out there for Lake Raymond Gary State Park.  Turn there and you will see why I am passionate about Raymond Gary Lake

We usually have some excellent listings on the lake, vacant lots and homes of all sizes.

For information about Lake Raymond Gary, please review the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservations rules and regulations concerning allowed activities on Department owned lakes.


We would love to visit with you about our little gem near McCurtain County.  Just give us a call about Raymond Gary Lake.


Raymond Gary Lake is a NO-WAKE Lake!

Raymond Gary Lake is a NO-WAKE Lake!

Living at the lake, Raymond Gary Lake in S E Oklahoma is a little slower pace than life in other places – including the speed limit allowable on the water.

Raymond Gary is called a “no-wake” lake.  Your boat is not supposed to make a wake when it goes across the water.  Speed limit is 6 miles per hour.  It doesn’t matter what kind of motor or what kind of boat – don’t go faster than 6 mph.

There is often a discussion at the Lake Association Meetings on how to enforce the water speed limit.  The People that have chosen to buy property around Raymond Gary Lake have decidedly chosen the slower pace of living and they expect lake users to obey the law.

Raymond Gary is a spring fed lake meaning that the water stays just about the same level all of the time.  It has a wide spillway so water is always going over the spillway.  Regardless of heavy rains or droughts, there’s not much variance in levels.  If we have a really big rain upstream and the lake comes up, it’s usually back to normal levels with in 24 hours.

Drought has no affect on the lake level. The last couple of year when our larger lakes were so low that many boat ramps were out of the water and people could not put their boats in the lake, this was not the case at Raymond Gary.

Lake Raymond Gary is Southeast Oklahoma’s best kept secret!  Come on over and let us show it to you. We have information on the lake, several sale listings available, and can tell you where the best fihsing holes are!

For information about Lake Raymond Gary, please review the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservations rules and regulations concerning allowed activities on Department owned lakes.
These regulations can be found at http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/laws_regs/fish1415.pdf  or in the printed Oklahoma Fishing Guide booklet.


Reasons to Own Real Estate at Raymond Gary Lake, Ft Towson, OK

Reasons to own real estate at  Raymond Gary Lake at Fort Towson, OK Oklahoma:

  1. It’s the people!  I’ve not met a group of people anywhere that are more “down to earth” friendly than the folks that live around the water on Lake Raymond Gary.  They have moved to the location from just about every state in the union and from all walks of life and occupations.
  2. It’s the quiet!  With a speed limit of 6 mph on the water, it’s a pretty peaceful lake.  Summertime is best with kids out of school, enjoying the water….but then fall is great with the vivid yellows of the hickorys and elms mixed with the evergreen cedars….but then spring is nice with the fish waking up and hungry….but then winter’s great, sit by the fire and watch the water or go fishing on warm days.
  3. It’s the Fishing!  Crappie, Bass, Catfish… no reason to go home with an empty stringer around here.
  4. It’s the beautiful scene!  Water, sun, hills and valleys, green cedars, oaks.
  5. It’s the Lake Association!  Membership dues are very very low and they do so much to promote the lake with the boat parade at Christmas, the fireworks on the 4 th of July, and donations for park improvement.
  6. It’s the water!  Lake Raymond Gary is a man-made spring fed lake that stays the same level most of the time.  Sometimes a storm will raise the water level somewhat but it usually goes back to normal level in short order.
  7. It’s the park!  Extra guests coming to town, cabins and rv spots are available for rent at the state park. The management at the park does an excellent job – it’s always so neat and tidy with excellent maintenance…a joy to go there.  All children seem to love the playground.  There are pavillions for rent for family reunions.
  8. You just can’t find a nicer place to live either full time or seasonal.
  9. About 45 minutes to Paris Texas.

Call me and let’s talk about Lake Raymond Gary in Choctaw County Southeast Oklahoma.

Judi Barrett


Raymond Gary Lake is Clear Spring Water

Raymond Gary Lake  is a spring fed lake.  Many springs flow into this lake.  Water flows over the spillway all of the time due to the supply of spring water that is always flowing into Raymond Gary Lake. I’ve been told that these are some of the same springs that supply water for the town of Fort Towson.

The water is fairly clear water.  The lake doesn’t look that way because it has a black mud bottom that you are looking at.

Look at this picture shot today.  The lake was overfull… lots of runoff in it so it was more turbid than usual and YET look at how clear the water is that is over the boat dock.  Those boards are about 4 inches below the water’s surface.  Look at these two water surfaces.  One is in the lake and one is over the boards.  One looks murky and dark, one looks clear.  We have had tremendous amounts of rain the last few days.

The water today was just rising over the dock boards.

The water at Lake Raymond Gary usually stays the same level unless we have extreme rain fall which causes a rise.  BUT the wide spillway helps lower the water back to normal in short order.  Call me, Let’s talk about property around Lake Raymond Gary.


For information about Lake Raymond Gary, please review the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservations rules and regulations concerning allowed activities on Department owned lakes.


Life in Southeast Oklahoma is GREAT!  If you’re looking for a home or land in my part of the country, give me a call:  Judi Barrett, broker, Integrity Real Estate Services,                               580-212-5946                .  Or Visit our website.



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Raymond Gary Lake ~ A Unique Community to Live in~Fort Towson OK 74735

Raymond Gary Lake ~ A Unique Community to Live in~Fort Towson OK 74735

Living at Raymond Gary Lake is unlike living in any other community in Southeast Oklahoma.  It is the only community that is waterfront and has boat docks etc.  Schooler lake has waterfront homes but is much smaller than Raymond Gary Lake. Schooler lake does not have any public development such as a boat dock or public facilities.  Both lakes are managed by the Department of Wildlife.    

Schooler Lake only has 35 surface acres and 2 miles of shoreline.  Raymond Gary Lake is a little larger with 390 surface acres and 10 miles of shoreline according to the latest information that I’ve come across.  

Raymond Gary Lake was built in 1956 on Gates Creek.  It was named after Raymond Gary, the then governor of Oklahoma and the first Oklahoma governor to be born in Oklahoma.  Raymond Gary Lake was started earlier under a different name and was an unfinished project when Raymond Gary campaigned for governor of Oklahoma.  One of his campaign promises was to finish the lake and he did after getting elected.  It is my understanding that he would have some of his staff meetings on the Raymond Gary Lake dam after it’s completion.  

There are several subdivisions or additions around Raymond Gary Lake.  All of them put together are not as large as many additions or subdivisions in metropolitan areas.  One only has 14 lots and one has about 160.  

Living on Raymond Gary Lake means that you have deeded dockable shoreline.  The water stays the same level most of the time, completely full.  It never goes below the 401 elevation because it’s spring fed and has a wide spillway for the size of lake it is….water constantly flows over the spillway even in drought.  IF we get a big rain in the watershed which covers about 65 sq miles, the water level may come up but usually is back to normal in 24 to 48 hours.  Most of the docks on the lake are stationary docks with only two floating docks.  

The city of Fort Towson serves the residents around the lake, the lake is inside the city limits.  City of Fort Towson water, City of Fort Towson sewer.  The city of Fort Towson has contracted for the garbage collection.  The roads around the Raymond Gary Lake are paved roads.  Fort Towson cable makes cable tv available.  AT&T has high speed internet available.  

There are many different types of homes on Raymond Gary Lake.

Raymond Gary Park has an active lake association which  is strictly voluntary.  The fee is very very reasonable to join.  The Raymond Gary Lake Association is involved in putting on the fireworks event on Independece Day at the Raymond Gary State Park.  The Raymond Gary Lake Association is also involved in the Christmas celebration at the park.  

Living on Raymond Gary Lake is very much unlike living in any other community in Southeast Oklahoma and Integrity Real Estate Services KNOWS Raymond Gary Lake.  Call me about how you can live on the lake.  


The Peninsula Pauline Bailey Survey Lots AdditionRaymond Gary Lake Fort Towson Oklahoma

The Peninsula Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition Lake Raymond Gary Fort Towson Southeast Oklahoma Choctaw County

The Peninsula Area in the  community of Lake Raymond Garyis a popular addition to live in, on Lake Raymond Gary.  The Pauline Bailey Survey and The Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Additions make up the area called the Peninsula that juts out into Lake Raymond Gary just to the north of The Raymond Gary State Park.


The Pauline Bailey Survey, not only occupies part of The Peninsula but also runs along the main channel of the lake to the north of The Peninsula, connecting with Holiday Lake Estates on the south end of Holiday Lake Estates.   There are 132 lots in The Pauline Bailey Survey Addition and 14 lots in The Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition.  City utilities include a pressurized sewer system, city water, and garbage collection.  Electrical service is supplied by either AEP-PSO, or by Choctaw Electric Co-op

The homes along the south side of The Peninsula all have the park as their view across the water.  

This area is often the area that creates an interest by park visitors to own property on Lake Raymond Gary because those that are the first homes that they see when they enter the park.

There are various styles and sizes of homes in The Pauline Bailey Survey and the Pauline Bailey Survey Lots.
  Many people do not realize that it is the Pauline Bailey Addiitions that make up the Peninsula because they usually hear it called “The Peninsula”.    The additions were platted about the same time as Holiday Lake Estates and around the same time that the lake was being finished, 1958.   

Back Yards right on the water, boat docks, fishing piers, outdoor living areas, fire-pits, pontoon boats, boat houses, swimming docks, back decks facing the water, and home windows placed to view the water are all a part of what you will find in Pauline Bailey Survey and Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Additions.

It used to be that many homes had remained in the ownership of families that originally purchased these lots during the original sale of the platted subdivision lots.  But most have been sold at least once and are not owned by the original families any longer.

Pauline Bailey Survey Addition, Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition, and The Peninsula, less than a mile to Raymond Gary State Park for boat ramps, a playground, and pavilion use, about 15 to 20 minutes to Hugo, Oklahoma (74743) and to Hugo Reservoir (74743) for skiing and water sports (Raymond Gary Lake is a “no wake” lake).  About 45 to 50 minutes to Paris, Texas (75462).  Two and half hours to three hours to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

View Larger Map

To get to The Peninsula, take highway 209 south that intersects highway 70 on the east side of Fort Towson, Oklahoma.  Take the second paved road to the right (no name on a Google map).  When you come to the Y, you are in the Pauline Bailey Survey Addition.  Driving to the left, you will be on Peninsula Drive, headed onto The Peninsula.  If when you came to the Y, you took the right lane, the lake is on your left. 

Interested in Living in The Pauline Bailey Survey Addition, The Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition, or on The Peninsula?  Call me and let’s visit about the area and about Lake Raymond Gary, an Oklahoma Department of Wildlife lake.  Judi Barrett, Integrity Real Estate Services, Idabel, Oklahoma 74745.  580-212-5946. 

Area Information Raymond Gary Lake Choctaw County Oklahoma

Area Information Raymond Gary Lake Choctaw County Oklahoma Fort Towson Hugo Paris Texas 

Wanting to view property around Lake Raymond Gary?  Thinking of relocating to Fort Towson, Oklahoma? Job transfer to Hugo, Oklahoma?  Live in Paris Texas and want a get-away?

Below you will find information on the various additions around Lake Raymond Gary and other information such as medical facilities, local annual recurring events that you will enjoy, historical and other nearby places of interest, etc etc. 

Please let me know if I can help you as you ponder your decision making.  We are passionate about the area that we live and work in… call me and let me count the ways….

Raymond Gary Lake, The Only Lakefront Community in Choctaw County with Boat Ramps – Near Hugo, Oklahoma

Holiday Lake Estates – Lake Front Subdivision East Side of Lake Raymond Gary, Fort Towson, Oklahoma – Hugo Waterfront

The Point Addition North End West Side Lake Raymond Gary Fort Towson Hugo Choctaw County Southeast Oklahoma

The Peninusula Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition Lake Raymond Gary Fort Towson Southeast Oklahoma Choctaw County

Waterfront Property in South Shore Acres Addition Lake Raymond Gary, Fort Towson, Hugo Oklahoma, Paris Texas

Waterfront Property Lots George Caldwell Addition Lake Raymond Gary, Fort Towson, Hugo, Oklahoma, Paris Texas

Lakefront Water Front Lakeview Addition Raymond Gary Lake Community Fort Towson Hugo Oklahoma Paris Texas

4th of July Celebration Lake Raymond Gary Southeast Oklahoma Make Your Plans Now.


It’s an honor to have my photos of Raymond Gary Lake used by the State of Oklahoma!

Milner Hardware and Outfitters Store – Valliant, Oklahoma 74764

Getting Acquainted with Hugo, Oklahoma – Today Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Circus City USA Hugo, Oklahoma Carson & Barnes ~ Kelly-Miller ~ Culpepper-Merryweather



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Some of the closing fees in Oklahoma – Filing Fees and Mortgage Recording Fees

McCurtain and Choctaw Counties Relocation Package

Come Visit The Largest Town in Indian Territory in 1850 – Doaksville (Fort Towson, OK 74735)

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South Shore Acres Addition Raymond Gary Lake

Waterfront Property in South Shore Acres Addition Raymond Gary Lake, Fort Towson,  Hugo Oklahoma, Paris Texas

The South Shore Acres Addition is located in the Southwest area of Lake Raymond Gary and runs east along Spillway Road (so named on the plat).  Spillway Road has been included in the State Highway 209 addresses for a 911 address though.  So you may find South Shore Acres on either road depending upon which map you are looking at.  In fact, the last Google map that I looked at did not have a name for the road to South Shore Acres. 

South Shore Acres has large trees and varying slopes.  Most lots have a very gentle

slope at the waters edge.  South Shore Acres is across the channel from George Caldwell Addition and The Pauline Bailey Survey Addition. The black clay soil in South Shore Acres is mostly a Hollywood-Swink soil with Limestone outcroppings.  Hollywood-Swink is a high shrink/swell soil.  You will want to consider that when choosing home foundation types, etc.

South Shore Acres, being in the community of Lake Raymond Gary, is a “no wake” addition since Raymond Gary Lake, an Oklahoma Department of Wildlife lake, is a “no wake” lake through-out.  To ski, it’s a very short drive to Hugo Lake on the east side of Hugo, Oklahoma.

Even though Fort Towson only has a population of about 600 people , it’s only about a 15 minute drive to Hugo, Oklahoma for picking up the basics at the grocery store (Wal-Mart and Save-A-Lot)  or a little longer drive to Paris, Texas (Just about anything that you could be looking for).  Hugo has a population of about 5400 and Paris, Texas has a population of about 26,000.

City utilities include a pressurized sewer system, city water, and garbage collection.  Electrical service is supplied by either AEP-PSO, or by Choctaw Electric Co-op


Lee’s Kitchen is about 5 minutes away and The Corner Store about the same. Milner’s Hardware is about 10 minutes in Valliant, Oklahoma (74764).

Life in South Shore Acres is a little slower paced than a lot of places.  There is no home owners association in South Shore Acres.  There is a voluntary lake association at Lake Raymond Gary.  The Lake Association is involved in decorating the Raymond Gary State Park at Christmas time with lights in the trees along the shore.  A Decorated Boat Parade around the lake.  And in a fireworks display on the fourth of July. 

To get to South Shore Acres, take highway 109 on the west side of Fort Towson south for 1 1/2 miles which is the first intersection to the west.  Go west 3/4 of a mile and the lake is on your right.  Interested in living in South Shore Acres on Raymond Gary Lake?  Call me Judi Barrett, Broker – Integrity Real Estate Services, Idabel, OK 74745.


The Point Addition Raymond Gary Lake Oklahoma

The Point Addition North End West Side Raymond Gary Lake Fort Towson Hugo Choctaw County Southeast Oklahoma

The Point Addition on the north end of Lake Raymond Gary also lies on the west side of this Oklahoma Department of Wildlife owned lake inside the city limits of Fort Towson, Oklahoma near Hugo in Choctaw County which is in the extreme southeast part of Oklahoma and close to Paris, Texas. 

The Point Addition in the community of Lake Raymond Gary has 33 lake front (waterfront) lots, and 5 off-water lots.  There are thirty-eight lots (38) in The Point Addition.  It was surveyed and platted in the early 2000’s.  The Point Addition is the newest addition on Lake Raymond Gary.  Live on the water, fish from the back yard, boat dock, or fishing pier… OR take the boat out for fishing.  Raymond Gary is a sping fed lake.

Raymond Gary Lake Shoreline

To get to The Point Addition on Lake Raymond Gary – From highway 70 which passes through Fort Towson, Oklahoma, take Second Street south.  If you are coming from Valliant, Oklahoma (from the east), it will be a left turn.  If you are coming from Hugo, Oklahoma or from Paris Texas, (from the west), it will be a right turn.  Go south across the railroad tracks, through the two brick columns, and you will be in the point. 

The Point Addition is approximately two blocks from a four-lane highway (highway 70).


Some of the wording in the covenants requires residences in The Point Addition be a minimum of one thousand (1000) square feet of living space with no mobile homes allowed and no homes to be moved in that have been lived in.  The covenants require a 35 feet set back from the front of the lot for buildings and 15 feet on the sides of the lots.  utilities are at the road’s edge.  The roads are platted at 40 feet wide.  They currently are gravel and not all of the road width is graveled. 
The west side of The Point Addition is on Cattail Cove, a creek that flows into Lake Raymond Gary.  Creek lots have a narrower channel and shallower water than main channel lots.  



View Larger Map




The Point Addition and the community of Lake Raymond Gary enjoy a “no-wake” rule on the lake. 


City Utilities include sewer, water, and garbage collection.  The public sewer system is a pressurized system.  There are two electrical service providers in The Point Addition, depending upon location within the addition.  Dial up DSL is available. 

There are various styles of homes in The Point Addition. Homes have sold from around $100K to around $450K.

Mr. Lyle Contway was the original developer of The Point Addition with Mr. Don Baskin doing the survey and plat for Lyle.
  Mr. Contway sold a few of his lots himself in the early marketing stage of the development and then he listed all of the remaining development with our office, Integrity Real Estate Services.

The Point Addition’s shape and placement on the lake is very unique. The addition is about 1 1/2 miles from the State Park on the south end of the lake where boat ramps, a playground, rv hook ups, fishing piers, and bath houses are located.

The Point Addition on the North End and on the West Side of Lake Raymond Gary in Fort Towson, near  Hugo, Oklahoma located in  Choctaw County Southeast Oklahoma is a great place to own Lake Front (waterfront) property.
  If interested in The Point Additin or in Lake Raymond Gary, cal lme, Judi Barrett, broker at Integrity Real Estate Services, and let’s talk about the hidden gem of Lake Raymond Gary in Southeast Oklahoma.