The Peninsula Pauline Bailey Survey Lots AdditionRaymond Gary Lake Fort Towson Oklahoma

The Peninsula Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition Lake Raymond Gary Fort Towson Southeast Oklahoma Choctaw County

The Peninsula Area in the  community of Lake Raymond Garyis a popular addition to live in, on Lake Raymond Gary.  The Pauline Bailey Survey and The Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Additions make up the area called the Peninsula that juts out into Lake Raymond Gary just to the north of The Raymond Gary State Park.


The Pauline Bailey Survey, not only occupies part of The Peninsula but also runs along the main channel of the lake to the north of The Peninsula, connecting with Holiday Lake Estates on the south end of Holiday Lake Estates.   There are 132 lots in The Pauline Bailey Survey Addition and 14 lots in The Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition.  City utilities include a pressurized sewer system, city water, and garbage collection.  Electrical service is supplied by either AEP-PSO, or by Choctaw Electric Co-op

The homes along the south side of The Peninsula all have the park as their view across the water.  

This area is often the area that creates an interest by park visitors to own property on Lake Raymond Gary because those that are the first homes that they see when they enter the park.

There are various styles and sizes of homes in The Pauline Bailey Survey and the Pauline Bailey Survey Lots.
  Many people do not realize that it is the Pauline Bailey Addiitions that make up the Peninsula because they usually hear it called “The Peninsula”.    The additions were platted about the same time as Holiday Lake Estates and around the same time that the lake was being finished, 1958.   

Back Yards right on the water, boat docks, fishing piers, outdoor living areas, fire-pits, pontoon boats, boat houses, swimming docks, back decks facing the water, and home windows placed to view the water are all a part of what you will find in Pauline Bailey Survey and Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Additions.

It used to be that many homes had remained in the ownership of families that originally purchased these lots during the original sale of the platted subdivision lots.  But most have been sold at least once and are not owned by the original families any longer.

Pauline Bailey Survey Addition, Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition, and The Peninsula, less than a mile to Raymond Gary State Park for boat ramps, a playground, and pavilion use, about 15 to 20 minutes to Hugo, Oklahoma (74743) and to Hugo Reservoir (74743) for skiing and water sports (Raymond Gary Lake is a “no wake” lake).  About 45 to 50 minutes to Paris, Texas (75462).  Two and half hours to three hours to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

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To get to The Peninsula, take highway 209 south that intersects highway 70 on the east side of Fort Towson, Oklahoma.  Take the second paved road to the right (no name on a Google map).  When you come to the Y, you are in the Pauline Bailey Survey Addition.  Driving to the left, you will be on Peninsula Drive, headed onto The Peninsula.  If when you came to the Y, you took the right lane, the lake is on your left. 

Interested in Living in The Pauline Bailey Survey Addition, The Pauline Bailey Survey Lots Addition, or on The Peninsula?  Call me and let’s visit about the area and about Lake Raymond Gary, an Oklahoma Department of Wildlife lake.  Judi Barrett, Integrity Real Estate Services, Idabel, Oklahoma 74745.  580-212-5946. 

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